Staff by alpha

Last Name First Name Extension Email Address Department
Adams Adams Virginia 615-880-2098 Customer Service
Anderson Anderson Johnny 615-880-2326 Residential
Bartley Bartley Linda 615-862-7200 ext. 77604 Appeals/Modeling & Sales
Black Black Don 615-880-2319 Residential
Booth Booth David 615-880-2137 Technical Services
Bowen Bowen Lynn 615-880-2073 Customer Service
dscf1310 Bradshaw Candace 615-862-6066 Deeds
Cantrell Cantrell John 615-880-2393 Commercial & Exemptions
Clary Clary Jimmy 615-862-6071 Chief Deputy
Crotzer Crotzer Terry 615-862-6067 Community Outreach
Currier Currier Nick 615-880-2210 Residential
Dauscha Dauscha Crystal 615-862-6069 Residential
Day Day Tomesia 615-880-2164 Personal Property
EAsie Eadie Jack 615-880-2231 Residential
Essen Essen Elizabeth 615-880-2166 Personal Property
Ford Ford Davy 615-880-2328 Residential
Goodman Goodman Freda 615-880-2387 Quality Control
Gordon Gordon Tomiko 615-880-2102 Deeds
Gwinn Gwinn Mark 615-880-2241 Residential
Hammers Hammers Cathi 615-880-2155 Personal Property Manager
Hammond Hammond Derrick 615-862-6085 Commercial Manager
Harper Harper David 615-880-2323 Appeals/Modeling & Sales
Harris Harris Nesbit 615-880-2303 Commercial
Hayes Hayes Brittany 615-880-2116 Deeds Manager
Heathcock Heathcock Beth 615-880-2305 Residential
Holt Holt Denny 615-880-2186 Personal Property
Knox Knox Anthony 615-880-2222 Commercial
Lee Lee Remi 615-880-2385 Administration
Matlock Matlock Michael 615-880-2147 Personal Property
McGowan McGowan Dan 615-880-2683 Technical Services
Miller Miller Charlotte 615-880-2304 Residential & Greenbelt
Mooney Mooney Carolyn 615-880-2180 Customer Service
Moore Moore Leah 615-880-2072 Technical Services
Ngwube Ngwube Gayle 615-880-2070 Customer Service
Norris Norris Clare 615-880-2114 Residential
Overstreet Overstreet Theresa 615-880-2493 Quality Control
Patton Patton Avery 615-880-2228 Fleet/Safety and Emergency Coordinator
Pigue Pigue Brad 615-862-6075 Technical Services Manager
Poling Poling Jason 615-880-2286 Residential
Purcell Purcell Claire 615-880-2223 Commercial
Ratcliff Ratcliff Kristina 615-862-6998 Assistant to the Chief Deputy
Reasonover Reasonover Christy 615-880-2107 Deeds
Richards Richards Sam 615-880-2382 Quality Control
Ridgeway Ridgway Jackie 615-862-6064 Deeds
Rigby Rigby Susie 615-880-2104 Deeds
Roberson Roberson Tommy 615-880-2230 Residential & Condominiums
Ruben Ruben Herman 615-880-2069 Customer Service Manager
Scott Cristi 615-880-3650 Chief Deputy
Shacklett Shacklett Monica 615-880-2182 Personal Property
Shelton Shelton Pamela 615-880-2386 Quality Control
Shipman Shipman Anthony 615-880-2075 Residential
Sullivan Sullivan Jessica 615-862-6076 Residential
Tate Tate Angelo 615-880-2106 Residential
Taylor Taylor Bill 615-880-2131 Technical Services
Terry Terry Latoya 615-880-2074 Commercial
Thomas Thomas Wes 615-862-6092 Appeals/Modeling & Sales
Thurman Thurman Trey 615-880-2225 Residential
Traczek Traczek Toni 615-880-2378 Residential
Turner Turner Paige 615-880-2331 Commercial
Wallace Wallace Drake 615-880-2234 Residential
Ward Ward Randy 615-880-2227 Residential Manager
Wilhoite Vivian 615-862-6080 Property Assessor
Westbrook Westbrook James 615-880-2336 Residential
Williams Williams Ishe Pam 615-880-2177 Appeals/Modeling & Sales Manager
Williams Tammy 615-862-6060 Assistant to the Assessor
Winter Winter Pat 615-880-2143 Personal Property
Woodard Woodard Beverly 615-880-2242 Customer Service
Woods Woods Roy 615-880-2321 Residential
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