2021 Reappraisal Information

The 2021 Reappraisal is completed.  On April 23, 2021, new market values for ad valorem tax purposes were mailed to property owners and also made available on-line.  Growth in Nashville-Davidson County continued to be strong, particularly in the residential, industrial and apartment property types.  Here are some important points regarding the 2021 Reappraisal that you should know.

  1. 34.05% is the countywide median appraised percentage increase.  This is a median percentage of property values increase since the last reappraisal that occurred in 2017.  34.05% is an median percentage, which means in a mass appraisal some values increased more that the median, some values did not increase at all and some values are lower than the median percentage increase.
  2. The median appraised percentage represents all property classifications.
  3. There was a 4.9% in new construction (real property) growth in 2020.
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