The Right to Appeal

Any property owner who believes that the classification and/or value assigned to their property is incorrect has the right to appeal that assessment.

The Change in Appraisal notice (received by most property owners every four years) provides information on how to contact the Assessor’s Office should you feel that the appraisal or classification is incorrect.

Informal Review Request

Start here if you feel your appraisal or classification is incorrect.


Metropolitan Board of Equalization

The first level of administrative appeal for assessment, classification, and valuation.


State Board of Equalization

After the MBOE, the next step is to appeal to the State Board.


How the Appeals Process Works

An appraiser will review the information made available by the property owner denoting changes that may affect the value of the property. Should a correction be in order, a modification can be made without a formal appeal.

Following this review, if the change to the property value is unacceptable to the property owner, they may appeal to the Metropolitan Board of Equalization. If the decision made by the Metropolitan Board of Equalization is unacceptable, the property owner may then appeal to the State Board of Equalization.