Tennessee Code Annotated § 67-5-517 authorizes that the Assessor of Property may display “UNLISTED” for the first and last name in the ownership field of an online searchable database of property and that the written request must include sufficient information to clearly demonstrate that the request is for your primary residence. 

To process your request, please download and complete the Redaction Request Form click below.

Redaction Request Form

Once the completed Redaction Request Form and proper documentation are received and approved, we will display your ownership name as “UNLISTED”.  Please allow five to seven business days for the website record update. Your request may be denied if an acceptable form of documentation is not provided. Please note that this removal only pertains to the website of The Office of the Assessor of Property for Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County.  Please be aware that this request does not remove or change the ownership listing from other Metropolitan Nashville & Davidson County Government departments or agencies, or other governmental or public internet sites.  Furthermore, it does not prohibit this office from responding to an open records request.