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Use these resources for more information on property appraisal and assessment.

Metropolitan Nashville & Davidson County Sites

Metropolitan Nashville & Davidson County Official Webpage

Chancery Court Clerk/Master
Delinquent Tax Sales

Codes Administration
County Building Permits and Inspections, E-Permit

Davidson County Office of the Trustee
County Tax Amounts, County Tax Bills, Status of County Tax Payments, Tax Assistance for the Elderly, Disabled, or Disabled Veterans.

Metropolitan Nashville Property Maps
Maps designed for accessing parcel information

Planning Department
Existing Zoning, Zoning Regulations, Procedures for Rezoning, Property maps

Register of Deeds
Property Deeds, Easements, Leans on property

State of Tennessee Sites

Tennessee State Government Official Webpage

State of Tennessee Comptroller / Division of Property Assessments
Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury

State Board of Equalization
Status of Pending Exemption Applications, Appeal of County Board of Equalization rulings

State Property Tax Programs
State Page for Property Tax Relief, Tax Freeze, and Personal Property.

Surrounding County Sites

Cheatham County, Tennessee

Williamson County, Tennessee

Robertson County, Tennessee

Rutherford County, Tennessee

Sumner County, Tennessee

Wilson County, Tennessee

Surveyors License Search & Verification

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Additional Links

International Association of Assessing Officers
The professional organization for Assessors