State Board of Equalization

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State Board of Equalization

The board is responsible for assuring constitutional and statutory compliance in assessments of property for ad valorem taxes. This responsibility is carried out through:

establishment of policies, rules, and manuals governing local assessment practices and training for assessment officials;
hearing of appeals from county boards of equalization regarding local assessments;
direct review and hearing of appeals regarding central assessments of public utility companies;
review of applications for religious, charitable, and related property tax exemptions;
review of certified tax rate calculations from jurisdictions undergoing revaluation; and
regulation of property tax appeals agents and agent practices.

Subsidiary boards appointed by the State Board for intermediate review are the Assessment Appeals Commission and the Taxpayer Agent Regulatory Panel.

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The objective of the Assessor for Davidson County, Tenn. is to treat each property equitably. Sales ratio studies conducted by the State of Tennessee, Division of Property Assessment indicate that our appraisals are fair and represent reliable market value. We support the Certified Tax Rate law as a protection for Davidson County taxpayers, and we welcome any questions you might have regarding your property and/or the steps we follow in making a fair assessment.

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