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Simple Search

To perform a simple search, hover your mouse over REAL PROPERTY SEARCH and select SIMPLE SEARCH from the drop down menu. You must agree to the disclaimer by clicking the green button on the lower right. You will then be able to search by Owner, Address, or Map and Parcel. (You must enter at least 3 characters or you will not be able to complete your search.)

To search by Owner, simply enter the last name, first name of the owner of record. (Please note the comma is required) For example, entering Doe, John will return all parcels owned by John Doe. If you enter Doe, J you will get all parcels owned by persons with the last name of Doe and a first initial of J. Entering Doe will return all parcels owned by anyone with a last name beginning with Doe.

To search by Street, simply enter the street name in the first field and the house number in the second. For example, entering Main St in the first box and 100 in the second box will return the parcel located at 100 Main St. If you just enter Main St in the first box, you will get all parcels on Main St. If you are unable to find a street and know you are spelling it correctly, try leaving the street type off. For example instead of Main St, enter Main. As with searching by Owner, if you only put in Main for the street and no number in the number field you will receive results for all parcels whose street name begins with Main.

To search by Map & Parcel, simply enter the map and parcel of the parcel you are searching for exactly as it is on your assessment notice.

While completing a search, you may notice that once you have typed in 3 characters a list of possible parcels begins to build below the search examples. As you continue to enter characters, the list of possible results will narrow until you find the parcel you are looking for or no results match the data you entered. After entering at least 3 characters, you can browse through the results list to find what you are looking for or continue typing until it is the only parcel listed.

For more detailed instructions, with images, click here.

Sales Search (Comper)

Comper is a revolutionary comparable sales selector devised by geopii, a unique enterprise software company located in Northern Ireland.

Comper adds the power of location to your search for the best comparable sales of property in Davidson County to give you confidence in your valuation or to defend sales evidence during the appeals process.

Steps to complete a sales search
1. Go to Simple Search.
2. Click the green Agree button on the lower right.
3. Input your property information in the Search box by choosing Owner, Address, or Map and Parcel and press Enter.
4. From the search results, select the subject property.
5. Under the map, click the Comper Sales Search button.
6. This will open the Comper site in a new window, displaying the subject parcel and all comparable sales in the area.


pictometryPictometry International Corporation has partnered with the Assessor of Property’s office to provide detailed visual images and measurement tools that enable users to quickly and easily access up to 12 different views of any property, structure, or land feature.

Unlike satellite or aerial images, which provide orthogonal (straight down) views, Pictometry specializes in oblique image capture (at an approximate 40 degree angle).

Pictometry can capture and process images of each targeted geographic area from 12 to 20 different views. As a result, buildings, properties, and defined areas are identifiable and recognizable in the 3-D life-like appearance people are accustomed to seeing.

For more instructions, with images , click here.

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